.RedNet Software Integration Framework


The Problem

Broadcasters and other media companies have many different systems deployed. These systems, while typically well designed to do their individual job, very often are not capable to interact with other systems in the overall landscape.

This leads to the challenge to create workflows and integrate the various systems in order to deploy seamless business processes.


The Solution

RedNet is a toolbox of various elements that can be used just like lego components to link the uncoupled islands, create enterprise wide seamless workflows, and to fill the gaps in the existing broadcast system landscape. RedNet is amazing versatile and can scale to large broadcasters needs. The largest European network, ARD, is using a RedNet system to manage the collection of all video assets from their regional centers.

RedNet consist of three functional sets of components, ☰. flow, ☰. act, ☰. control


Create configurable workflows with ☰. flow

Workflow designer and workflow engine are the heart of the system:
  • workflow designer enabling customers to easily create new and configure existing workflows
  • workflow engine that scales to your needs
  • Workflows can be implemented on the fly
  • From simple to the most complex workflows


Make your system work for you with ☰. act

Tap into our library of activities to make your system work for you instead of you working for your system. Our library contains more than 200 pre-configured activities
  • Media specific Activities (ingest, file handling, Transcoding, MD5, Player, DVD production, FTP load balancing, …)
  • Information activities (e-mail, texting, …)
  • Connecting activities to 3rd party media systems (Interplay, What‘s On, Subtitling, Automations, Tixel, QC, …)
  • Ontology mapping, a configurable logic and naming conversion
  • Media analysis activities (keyframe extraction, speech2text, fingerprinting, pattern recognition, …
  • HTML5 user interface for rapid platform independent roll-out deployed with HTML5, Angular, responsive, and cloud-ready


Monitor and control your system with ☰.control

Our control center consists of:
  • Configuration management
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Live deployment capabilities
  • Management dashboards
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