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mmi Munich Media Intelligence

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mmif transcode

A file-based transcoding solution based on mmif

Utilizes opensource transcoder for conversion processing

Runs as standalone service as well as multi-node rendering farm

Web-based monitoring GUI

Workflow support - use all mmif activties in your individual transcoding workflows

SOAP, Rest and EBU-AMWA FIMS interface

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mmif based solutions

mmif Transcoder

FTP Load Balancer Service

DVD Generation

MD5 Checksum Solution

mmif Media Service (Media Analysis, Trimming, Checksum, …)

Watchfolder Service

Our portfolio

Software Development

mmi is a software development company with a particular background in the media industry.

Integration Framework

mmi have developed a software media integration framework called mmif. mmif is geared towards the needs of the media industry.


mmi is supporting any size of systems. Support is carried out by the development team.

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